Glass Studio Geek

Several years ago I built Glass Studio because I'd finally found what I'd do about retirement and that "do" would include learning and practice of all I had learned about forms of art I'd missed when I prepared for my other art-based occupation. I'd not dabbled in painting, or ceramics, or live models (now there's a picture… no matter its quaintness). There were the classes, and the seminars and the discussions, and bars and pubs. And there are the people. The painters and the ceramicists, the sculptors, the connoisseurs, the dilettantes, the family, friends, and neighbors. And not often and sometimes too soon, the shows. I did build and I did do all those things. Then I was sidetracked by the other world and my early experience. This time, though, I’m going to hang on better to ME and I'm going to share, here, whatever that involves.

Right now sharing involves following prompts and pokes from my loves, Jocelyn, Meridith, and Alline and questions from many others about why and how of what I do.

I had planned that in The Studio I would create glass sculptures that were unChihuly. They'd not be blown anything, not bowls or vases or chandeliers, but sculptures of other things and creatures. My wish is to reflect… and transmit and dazzle with glass. I want to use glass as another material that is unlike stone and unlike bronze and unlike cement and steel. I want to use the color and texture and mass of glass along with characteristics of reflection and many degrees of transparency that are unique to glass.

My work in glass includes, at times, complex process. Some of these processes include times of waiting for chemistry or heat to do their work. Complexity fits my enjoyment of problem-solving and device building; the waiting… not so much. The grand plan includes painting during the waiting times. I chose to 'paint' in pastels because they fit my lifelong habits and occupations of drawing.


Here in GlassStudioGeek I will talk about the thing -- the what, why, where and 'stuff' of projects.

I’m also creating a Patreon page where I'll show the how and sometimes the why of process. I'll show the outcomes of all processes whether they match goals or not. If I know why there are differences between the two, I’ll also share that "why."

When I don’t know, I’ll seek or solicit information.